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Hello, Good-bye, and What Happens In-between

Honoring important milestones in one’s life can be both rewarding and stressful. Greeting card displays hold cards suitable for any occasion, and social media urges one to acknowledge birthdays or anniversaries of everyone from immediate family to casual business associates and on-line gamesters we know only through electronic avatars. Whether others respond out of social obligation or from a place of genuine love, the attention one feels from an outpouring of affection can be powerfully affirming.

Life is mostly routine and filled with the mundane. Balloons and designer paper plates will be rubbish tomorrow. Dishes in the sink will need attention in the morning. The memories of emotions experienced during the celebration linger.

Today, I will be genuine in my greetings to others for events they celebrate. I will allow myself to bask in affection and feel gratitude and humility at the outpouring of attention may come to me during important moments in my life.

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