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Use/ Misuse/ Under- or Over-use/ Abuse/ Dependence/ Addiction


Treatment works. Recovery from substance abuse disorders is possible.  Addiction affects everyone in the family, and those who care about the person struggling to achieve sobriety.  Information is available.  Families need to know how to help their loved one without continuing to enable problem behaviors. 


Family members suffering from substance use disorder may feel as though they have made a mess of everything in life. Help is available to help begin the process of finding a clean and sober path out of the mess.


Self-help and 12 Step groups work for many in recovery.  For those with complex experiences or unresolved losses and trauma, additional support can be beneficial.  Multiple conditions add to the complexity of recovery, and individuals with multiple diagnoses that may include Depression, Anxiety, and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder often require professional assistance as they travel the path of recovery.  


Here are a few ways that Substance Abuse Treatment can help:


Determining level of use and associated risks                                                                                                                           

Identify triggers for use


Identify motivations for recovery


Provide information and options


Harm Reduction Strategies


Build sober support systems 


Relapse Prevention

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