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Recognizing Resiliance,  Honoring Loss, & Reconnecting With Life


Trauma is an injury to the mind or body that is serious, and may take a long time to heal. Trauma can affect both physical and mental health.  Family members are often the first ones to recognize that their loved one is having difficulty, but are unsure what they can do to help.  


Behaviors that were once helpful to the person during the traumatic situation can cause conflict with others once the traumatic situation has ended.  Troublesome memories, nightmares, and problems concentrating are just a few of the symptoms that can emerge even after the difficult event has ended.    


Soldiers are part of our community, whether they are family members in the National Guard, Active Duty Military, Veterans, or their family members who support deployed loved ones by keeping things together at home.  Confidential, goal-focused assistance is available to help heros remain battle ready, and to assist them and their family members with adapting to the"new Normal" pre-, during, and post-deployment.  


Professional assistance in a safe environment with a skilled therapist can significantly improve the symptoms for individuals who experience Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  


Your loved one may need a caring family member to call on his or her behalf so that assessment, accurate diagnosis, and appropriate treatment can begin.


Here are a few ways that Trauma Informed Care can help:

Identify people and places that are Safe Zones                             


Identify triggers that re-traumatize the Survivor


Regain control over thoughts, emotions, and behaviors


Rebuild alliances and reasonable trust 

                                                                                                                                 Resuming life in the "new normal"

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