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Behavior Managment & Communication Strategies

Our children are our most important resource. Caring for these members of our family can be both inspiring and exhausting. Team parenting is not a new concept, and it really does take collaboration and coordination to effectively parent for youth.  Grandparents and surrogate family members are natural helpers to parents, but even when there are many caring adults in a child's life, and outside opinion and professional guidance can be helpful.  


Parents and chilren, alike, need an advocate for their point of view. Sometimes, an objective outsider can see patterns and solutions when family members are "too close" to the situation.


When children face challenges that are more complex than their level of development or maturity, professional counseling can help them negotiate their way through the maze of choices and consequences. While parents have lived experience that is valuable, adolescents may seek outside "experts" as a natural part of their mental health development.


Play is language for children and important work. Parents who learn to understand their child's world through mutual play can help a child leap forward in development and resolution of worries that trigger non-compliant behaviors.   


Here are a few ways that treatment can help Children and Adolescents:

 Substance Abuse Screening, Assessment,  Intervention

                                                                                                                     Building Skills to Improve Conflict Resolution

                                                                                                                     Accountability for Academic Performance

                                                                                                                     Advocacy in the Criminal Justice System


 Play Therapy for Non-verbal Youth

                                                                                                                     Improving Developmental Performance

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