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The Role of Primary and Specialty Care in Recovery

When is the last time youve seen your doctor? Those with substance abuse disorders tend to avoid going to their doctor. Reasons vary, but those active in their addiction fear being urged to cut down or stop using alcohol or other drugs of choice. When that happens, guilty feelings often result, and the cycle of addiction continues.

As a result, those who do enter recovery often discover numerous health issues for the first time in a long while. Substance use disorders affect the entire body, and, depending on the drug of choice and the amount and frequency of use, consequences for overuse can range from mild to seriously life threatening.

Regular appointments with a physician, dentist, eye doctors, or other medical specialist can catch problems in early stages, improving the chances of successful treatment before serious and irreversible damage can occur.

Today, I will evaluate whether I am overdue to see my health care provider. If so, I will face my fears and schedule an appointment.

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