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When Friends are Not Enough

Friends who know us best, who have our best interests at heart, and who are good listeners are priceless. Recovery is equal parts listening to the wisdom of others and sharing one's own story.

Sometimes, one may need more than support of friends and family to overcome difficult challenges. There are many types of behavioral health professionals who can be called on when one is feeling unmanageable stress due to overwhelming burdens.

Sadly, many who desperately need assistance, or could benefit greatly from professional guidance during bouts of illess related to behavioral health conditions are reluctant to seek help. The stigma of needing or accepting mental health and substance abuse intervention services continues to plague society. Nevertheless, the brain, like every other organ in the body, can become ill, and occasionally, care for this important part of the body is required for it to heal and perform more effectively.

Today, I will recognize my own and society's stigma against those who need or seek mental health and substance abuse treatment services. I will re-frame behavioral health services as "physical fitness for the brain".

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