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Rigorous Honesty with Boundaries

Getting back "in the game" following treatment for behavioral health issues can feel awkward. For some, treatment has required a time-out from work, friends, and family. How much truth is required to be "rigorously honest" when one is asked, "What's new" after being away for treatment?

Not everyone who asks such a casual question is entitled to the full content of one’s moral inventory. Knowing who to disclose personal treatment details with and who to keep at an emotional distance can be confusing. It can also be stressful, especially when the question is unexpected. Discussing such inevitable questions ahead of time with a sponsor, mentor, or counselor can be very helpful in preparing for such occasions.

When the question is asked sincerely by someone with a healthy lifestyle, candor in disclosing recovery efforts can be a powerful step in building one’s network of support for recovery efforts.

Today I will identify one new person in my life who may be a positive supporter of my recovery.

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