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Balancing Act

Day-to-day demands can leave one feeling off-balance. Home, work, school, family, friends, community, all these parts of our life can compete for one's limited time and energy.

Some people appear to juggle many demands with ease and even thrive under busy or demanding schedules. For others, the healthiest self-care is to concentrate on one or two obligations, at most.

Deciding what one’s healthiest level of activity is may take trial and error. Even when we know the best way to manage our limited time and energy, it may be tempting to take on too much, or have too withdraw when we need to keep busy. Too much down-time can also cause difficulties for some people.

Today, I will be aware of my stress level, saying "no" to unhealthy demands on my time and energy. I will say yes to those opportunities that refill my spirit and energy and keep me focused and moving forward.

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