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Survive. Recover. Live.

Bad things happen to good people.  Moving beyond those experiences may require support and guidance. Choose to survive. Learn how to recover. Begin to live.



Behavioral Health includes mental well-being as well as healthy behavioral practices. 



Just as a flat tire can make for a bumpy ride, a life that is not well-rounded can leave you feeling bounced around and out of whack.  


Life can be complicated and demands on us come from many directions. Understanding our strengths and abilities and building on them is central to finding overall health, including mental health. 





Care and Support





When the path through difficult times is unclear, it helps to hear an objective perspective before making important life decisions.


When obstacles appear insurmountable, having a guide along the way can help us move forward.


When emotions interfere with relationships, having an outside listener can help us regain perspective and control. 






Unlocking personal awareness can be both frightening and freeing. Learn to manage persistent messages from others or from the past that interfere with becoming your best self.  


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20 years in helping professions


  • Private Setting

  • Strengths Based Approach

  • Client Centered Focus

  • Trauma Informed Care


* E-mail is not considered a confidential way to communicate private information. The above link is provided for convenience only.  Do not transmit confidential, private, or sensitive information by e-mail.

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